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Multiphonic Saxophonquartett Hyatt Düsseldorf


Petra & Konrad Adenauer
Rudi Völler

Dieter Nuhr
Christian Lindner
Ursula von der leyen
Prof. Dr. Thomas druyen
Dr. Norber lammert
peter altmeyer
Ronald Pofalla
David mcallister
Jürgen Rüttgers
Jochen Butz
Paul Köser

Board members of Adenauer-Haus
Football World champion 1990
Host, author, cabaretist
Federal minister of Finance
President of the european commission
sociologist, author
Former president of the german bundestag
Member of german parliament
former minister of the chancellery
Member of the european parliament
FOrmer Chief minister of NRW
real estate mogul
Our customer group comprises private persons (weddings, birthdays, events), institutions, universities, galeries, museums, churches, event locations, companies, restaurants, hotels and many more.

Special guests, Which multiphonic already played for:


"The musicians elicited incredibly soft and subdued tones from their instruments. The quartet also conveyed complicated rhythms effortlessly and delicately. [...] The Multiphonic Saxophone Quartet exuded a very special energy at the Kornmühlen concert, which spread a good mood across the audience, who thanked the young musicians with lots of applause."
(Lena Weimer, Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung)
"Their music suited the festivity perfectly, as i could have never imagined. They did not only manage to accentuate the ceremonial part of the event. They entertained the guests to the best, and received positive feedback only. I want to thank you a lot! Your performance impressed me that much, that i wish to welcome you as a part of another event within our house. This would be a pleasure!"
(DR. werner richter, presiedent of the regional appeal court, düsseldorf)
"Your performance was awesome - Pieces fitted the event perfectly and were performed very well! In addition, I just got positive feedback from others. Thanks again!"
(Doris Berzdorf, Hetjens Museum, Düsseldorf)
"We enjoyed your concert a lot! The bundeld musical power from the four of you was very well sensible."
(Konrad Adenaur & Petra Adenauer, Adenauer House, Bonn)
"Your musical performance enriched our festivity, and delighted the entire group of guests, what you probably noticed due to Our applause."
(Andrea Stübben, Vizepräsidentin, Inner Wheel Club Krefeld)
"Thank you so much for your beautiful co-creation of the wedding festivity of our kids!"
(Family Trölenberg)
"The impressive programme, which was only feasible by means of your effort and input, enjoyed great popularity across the region. The liveliness of your festive performance, supports us in working on multiple of our ideas for the future. On behalf of the borad, I want to express our gratitude for your participation of our event. We, as part of the silk-culture, are proud to celebrate our anniversary together with you."
(Hans-georg Hauser, Chairman of the friends association "Haus der Seidenkultur")
"What I have seen and herad was simply terrific. I do not say this due to the applause only, but rather due to the very positive feedback of our guests throughout the evening."
(Harald SChulze, Board of Sparkasse Krefeld)
"The contributions of your young musicians to our event on the 3rd of October, as well as the concerts will be memorized by my wife and me as one of the highlights of our stay in Lisbon."
(ambassador Helmut Elfenkämper)
"Thanks a lot for sparking joy with your music!"
(Dr. Theodor Pelster &  Mrs. Dorothea Pelster, Awarding of the town seal)
"Our guests from Hangzhou were very pleased by your dedicated musical performance during the welcome in the council chamber. (...) You made their day and contributed to the international and cultural exchange."
(Society for German-Chinese friendship Krefeld e.V.)
"On behalf of CDU Niederrhein and CDU Krefeld, I want to thank you very much for your dedicated contribution and musical performance during the awarding of "Niederrhein-Eule 2012. You contributed to the great success of the award ceremony!"
(Mark Blondin, CHairman of CDU Krefeld)
"YOur performance was appreciated with enthusiam by all Lions."
(Hermann Heinemann, Multi-district conventions of Lions)
"I want to thank your ensemble for your great performance. I received positive feedback only by all guests from justice, politics, administration and further. I am happy to say: Keep it up!"
(Hein-Günther Roeder, Arbiter Krefeld)


Article about Multiphonic quartet at Kunstsalon
(Westdeutsche ZEitung - 9th of October 2018)
"The young virtuosos were able to show all their talent - giving every instrument, with its individual character, space as well as being able to merge to a ensemble sound; excellent timing, great intuition for dynamics. Excultant applause for this varied and sophistocated programme."
(Westdeutsche Zeitung - 20th of April 2015)
"They performed Dvorák's American quartet in f-major op. 96 flamboyant. (...) All in all remarkable was the technical stage of development which Silas Kurth ( Soprano), Simon Streit (Alto), Fabian Blümke (Tenor) and Luca Winkmann (Baritone) achieved by now."
(Rheinische Post - 20th of April 2015)
"Young Saxophone quartet on winning track."
(WDR-Lokalzeit - 17th of April 2015)
The multi award winning saxophone quartet "Multiphonic" created a worthy and upbeat frame of the event. The young musicians made the day of all guests from SPD as they performed the song "Wann wir schreiten Seit' an Seit'", which created a flashback to the labor movement."
(SPD Hüls website - 18th of May 2014)
"A quartet on big tour."
(Westdeutsche Zeitung - 23rd of September 2013)
"The concert at the jewish parish was a big success. And the enthusiam as a consequence of this beautiful evening and the never ending applause, casued the third encore."
(Westdeutsche Zeitung - 15th of November 2012)
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